Game Jam / Games Fleadh

I love pushing myself to the limits and working with a team.
This is why I have participated in game jams and games fleadh in Ireland

Game Jobs Live Game Jam 2021 - The Calamity

The Calamity is a 2D hack and slash game, made in one week for the GJL Game Parade Spring Jam 2021, which takes place in a dynamic 3D environment. You must restore balance in the world by climbing the Archmage's tower, switching between the souls of Calor and Frigus as they both inhabit the same body, in an attempt to activate the Cleansing Beacon and restore peace to the world. Will they make it to the top, using the strengths in their differences to drive back the corruption?

Game Jobs Live Game Jam 2020 - Tomatomare (Award Winning)

Winner of the Game Jobs Live Game Jam 2020 for "Most Fun", "Best Level Design", "Technical Gem" and "Best 3D Art" Awards. Being nominated in 7 other categories

Every night, this tomato has the same nightmare; lost in a sea of cutlery and deadly kitchen utensils. But one night, something different occurs... and the opportunity must be taken!. With the theme being "Carpe Diem" Sieze the day, my team mates and I had 1 week to create a game. We created a dream-scape world where you have to escape a tomato's nightmare.

Games Fleadh 2020 - Displacement (Award Winning)

Winner of the Games Fleadh 2020's "Best Original Audio and Music" award, Displacement is a game made in 2 weeks by Adrian Hebel and Sean Duggan using Unity Engine.

You are a wizard/inventor, and in a medieval fantasy world, you've just invented the concept of portals. Fearing that this new innovation would disrupt the transport industry, you are imprisoned for daring to come up with such an idea. During your prison sentence, an energy crystal powering the prison surges, killing everyone but you. With a sharp mind and the magic you were imprisoned for inventing, can you find the 3 gems, open the main door and walk to freedom?

GMTK Game Jam 2020 - Haywire

You are a crazy inventor, hellbent on creating evil robots to assert control over the 4 main industries that supply you.

Manage your resources and keep your bot production running smoothly in your bid to take over the world!

Global Game Jam 2020 - Scuba-Duper Diver

In 2020 following the theme of "Repair" my team and I came up with a game where you play as a scuba diver that needs to restore the eco system of polluted caves in the deep ocean. Your objective is to collect all plastic waste and radioactive waste to reduce the radiation in the caves to repair the ecosystem and fight your way through hordes of radioactive fish with your bubble gun.