About Me

Hey! My name is Adrian Hebel, and I'm currently living in Waterford, Ireland.
I'm a student at the Waterford Institute of Technology, and a passionate
game developer.

  • Studies

    I'm currently studying at the Waterford
    Institute of Technology pursing my Bachelour's
    degree in Applied Computing specialising in
    Game Development

  • GameDev
    Game Developer

    I love making video games
    I spent most of my time developing
    games in unity and 3D modelling in Blender

  • Coding

    During my time in college I
    have been learning many programming
    language such as Java, C# and HTML

3D Modelling

I love to create models in Blender and Maya. Creating my own models means I can bring a concept to reality in my games and I strive to improve my skills. Have a look at other models I have created here.

My Models

Game Development

My prefered choice of engine is Unity using C#. I have made multiple games with an award winning title at the Games Fleadh 2020. Check out the other games I have made here.

My Games

Level Design

I love creating 3D worlds that can be explored. Being able to create a 3D enviroment from a concept or a 2D image is fascinating to me. Here is some other level designs that I have made.

My Levels

My Skills

I'm a hardworking game developer who always strives to improve and learn new things. Here is the tools, programming languages and software I'm proficient in.

  • Programming Languages


  • Software

    -Visual Studio
    -Github Desktop
    -Autodesk Maya

  • Engines

    -Unreal Engine 4

  • Games

    -The Calamity
    -Scuba-Duper Diver


If you would like to get in contact, please don't hesitate to send me an email, or message me on one of my ssocial media accounts!